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Meet Our Team

Advisory Team

Our church structure is designed to be biblical and to build unity.

So let us concentrate on the things which make for harmony, and on the growth of our fellowship together.

Romans 14:19 (Ph)

Our church is led by an Advisory Team, which plans and implements the strategy of our church consistent with our mission, vision, and values. The Advisory Team currently consists of seven lead Pastors – Senior Pastor, Executive Pastor, Worship Pastor, Adult Discipleship Pastor, Outreach Pastor, Care Pastor and Family Pastor – and six Trustees.

Lead Pastors

Perry Duggar - Senior Pastor at Brookwood Church

Perry Duggar Senior Pastor

Founded Brookwood in October 1993. Main teaching pastor and leads the congregation and Brookwood leadership by providing direction and oversite to the church. Perry enjoys traveling with his family and playing with his grandson. He is passionate about helping people to know God personally and hearing His voice.

Hometown: Augusta GA.
Married to Leigh Ann. Has two grown daughters.

David Hardy - Executive Pastor at Brookwood Church

David Hardy Executive Pastor

Came to Brookwood in February 1996. David leads the pastoral and operations teams. David enjoys exercising with his wife, completing tasks, and hearing the stories of how Jesus has transformed people's lives.

Hometown: Minden LA.
Married to Amy, and has two grown daughters.

Brantley Smith - Worship Pastor at Brookwood Church

Brantley Smith Worship Pastor

Came to Brookwood in 2011. Oversees all areas of worship and music. Brantley enjoys grilling out and spending time with his family, performing with local musicians, and watching college football.

Hometown: Taylors SC.
Married to Carleen, and has three sons.

Mark Taylor - Adult Discipleship Pastor at Brookwood Church

Mark Taylor Adult Discipleship Pastor

Came to Brookwood in March 2012. Develops leaders and helps people walk with God. Mark enjoys time with family, all things soccer, and alone time in the mountains or by water.

Hometown: Sylvania OH.
Married to Kathy, and has two daughters and two sons.

Mike Hepola - Outreach Pastor at Brookwood Church

Mike Hepola Outreach Pastor

Came to Brookwood in May 2006. Leads our global, domestic and local outreach. Mike loves being with his family, golfing, bicycling and traveling to share the gospel with our missionary partners.

Hometown: Tulsa OK.
Married to Keren, and has one grown son.

Gene Beckner - Care Pastor at Brookwood Church

Gene Beckner Care Pastor

Came to Brookwood in November 2006. Leads Care Ministries. Gene likes to read, exercise and spend time at the beach with his family.

Hometown: Myrtle Beach SC.
Married to Tracy, and has two daughters, one grown son and two grandchildren.

JC Thompson - Family Pastor at Brookwood Church

J.C. Thompson Family Pastor

Came to Brookwood in March 2008. J.C. oversees all of the ministry from birth through high school. He loves to read, cook on the Big Green Egg and cheer on the Memphis Tigers!

Hometown: Drummonds TN.
Married to Kristen, and has two sons.


Trustees are lay persons (non-pastors) who possess spiritual maturity and provide servant leadership in our Church as advisors and counselors. They partner with our pastors to provide direction and oversight for our congregation. They also provide practical/professional experience in areas such as finance, facility construction, human resources, management communications, missions or evangelism. Each year, two trustees will be selected by the Advisory Team and confirmed by vote of the church membership from recommendations submitted by the church body. Each trustee may serve up to three consecutive one-year terms. One year after rotating off of the Advisory Team, a person may be nominated for confirmation to an additional term

Trustees do not serve in the biblical office of deacon, but they are qualified spiritually using the requirements of a deacon. (1 Timothy 3:8-13)

Andy Patterson - Brookwood Church Trustee

Andy Patterson 2017-2019

Came to Brookwood in May 1996. In addition to serving as a Trustee, Andy currently serves as the Mission Trip Leader to the Dominican Republic, an Offering Collector, and with Generations Group Home. Outside of Brookwood, Andy volunteers and serves on the board with Mauldin Miracle League.

Hometown: China Grove NC.
Married to Pam, and has two daughters, one son, and two grandchildren.

Randy Talbert - Brookwood Church Trustee

Randy Talbert 2017-2019

Came to Brookwood in June 1999. In addition to serving as a Trustee, Randy currently serves as the Leader of the Baptism Team, a member of the A-Team, Financial Care Service Provider, Offering Collector, Greeter, and with the Sunday Morning Prayer Group. He enjoys playing golf, riding his bicycle, working in the yard and spending time with his family.

Hometown: Edgefield SC.
Married to Betsy, and has two daughters and one son.

Marilyn Kendrick - Brookwood Church Trustee

Marilyn Kendrick 2018-2020

Came to Brookwood in 1998. In addition to serving as a Trustee, Marilyn currently serves as the Women's Ministry Director, leader of the WOW Group, and an Essentials Prayer Team Member. Marilyn enjoys cooking, traveling and spending time with family and friends.

Hometown: Robbinsville NC.
Married to Rob, and has two daughters and two sons, and seven grandchildren.

Jason Bergeron - Brookwood Church Trustee

Jason Bergeron 2018-2020

Came to Brookwood in June 1998. In addition to serving as a Trustee, Jason currently serves as Axis Sunday Morning Leader, Small Group Coach and Small Group Leader, and co-leader of an Adult Couples Small Group. Jason enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, playing like a kid, and time outside in nature.

Hometown: Greenville SC.
Married to Jilly, and has two daughters and one son.

Mike Clark - Brookwood Church Trustee

Mike Clark 2019-2021

Founding Member of Brookwood Church. In addition to serving as a Trustee, Mike currently serves with the Intercessory Prayer Team, Sunday Morning Prayer Group, and Brookwood Lost & Found. Outside of Brookwood Mike and Debbie deliver Meals on Wheels and enjoy visiting Scotland. He plays the bagpipes and hammered dulcimer.

Hometown: Greenville SC.
Married to Debbie.

Jerry Frye - Brookwood Church Trustee Emeritus

Jerry Frye

Founding Member of Brookwood Church. In addition to serving as Trustee Emeritus, Jerry currently serves as an Usher, with the Men of Brookwood, as a Kids Hope USA mentor, and with feeding the hungry in downtown Greenville. Jerry enjoys spending time with people, especially his grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and serving God outside of the church.

Hometown: Columbia SC.
Married to Jayne, and has 2 sons, 3 daughters, 14 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren.


He (Jesus) makes the whole body fit together perfectly. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love.

Ephesians 4:16 (NLT)

Josh Masters - Associate Care Pastor at Brookwood Church

Josh Masters Associate Care Pastor

Came to Brookwood in May 2015. Josh oversees prayer and support ministries and serves on the Sunday morning teaching team. In addition to seeing God transform lives, Josh has a passion for film, writing, and other creative endeavors. He loves going on adventures with his wife and their little dog, Franklin.

Hometown: Bethlehem NH.
Married to Gina.

Doug Wildman - Counseling and Marriage Pastor at Brookwood Church

Doug Wildman Counseling & Marriage Pastor

Came to Brookwood in August 2015. Oversees the Lay counselling program, Pre-marital mentoring program, and the Re|Engage Marriage Ministry. Doug enjoys spending time with his family, reading old books, exploring the outdoors, and painting. He also has a passion for sharing the Gospel and seeing how the Spirit brings transformation to people's lives.

Hometown: Chula Vista CA.
Married to Ingrid, and has two sons and three daughters.

Kevin Nunnery - High School Pastor at Brookwood Church

Kevin Nunnery High School Pastor

Came to Brookwood in November 2016. Kevin leads an incredible team of parents and volunteers in helping high school students pursue relationship with Jesus. Kevin enjoys running, reading, disc sports, and Colts football.

Hometown: Ninety Six SC.
Married to Julie, and has one son.

Chris Burch - 7th and 8th Grade Pastor at Brookwood Church

Chris Burch 7th & 8th Grade Pastor

Came to Brookwood in July 2011. Leads the 7th and 8th grade students in their pursuit of Jesus. Chris enjoys hanging out with friends and family. You can probably find him with a cup of coffee in hand.

Hometown: Greenville SC.

Ryan Hendrick - 5th and 6th Grade Pastor at Brookwood Church

Ryan Hendrick 5th & 6th Grade Pastor

Came to Brookwood in August 2011. Leads Switch, the 5th and 6th grade ministry. Ryan enjoys coffee, reading, laughing and the occasional Spartan Race.

Hometown: Apple Valley CA.

Julio Samayoa - Children's Pastor at Brookwood Church

Julio Samayoa Children's Pastor

Came to Brookwood in August 2008. Leads the BrookwoodKids Ministry Team. Julio enjoys cooking, golfing and going to the beach with his wife and kids, and seeing families from all over the world worship Christ at Brookwood.

Hometown: Claude TX.
Married to Karina, and has three sons and one daughter.


The Brookwood Church Staff

Have a question? Feel free to email or call the appropriate staff member below. Office Hours are 8:30 AM–5:30 PM Monday through Thursday and 8:30 AM–12:30 PM Friday. The receptionist is available to assist you Sundays from 8:30 AM–12:30 PM.

Please note that some staff members who work on Sunday are off on Friday.

Department Contact
Accounts Payable Jennie Altick 864.688.8247
Adult Discipleship Administrative Assistant 864.688.8212
Bookstore Laura Morrow 864.688.8300
Cafe/Kitchen/Catering Deanna Carr 864.688.8272
Care Ministries Genie Vigo 864.688.8355
Celebrate Recovery Joshua Masters 864.688.8218
Childcare Childcare 864.688.8240
Children (Birth–Grade 4) Jen Marinello 864.688.8239
Counseling Genie Vigo 864.688.8355
Contributions Sherry Morris
Stacy Cook
Creative Services Cindy Griffin 864.688.8391
Facilities Jim Taplin 864.688.8263
Human Resources Nina Mitchell 864.688.8265
Information Technology Clint Bryant 864.688.8221
Membership Lora Catoe 864.688.8242
Outreach & Missions Amy Mitchell 864.688.8341
Preschool Academy Renee LaPierre 864.688.8223
Print Shop Roberta Bauman 864.688.8317
Recreation Ashley Shelby 864.688.8311
Senior Pastor's Office Lora Catoe 864.688.8242
Small Groups Administrative Assitant 864.688.8212
Serve Kristin Dawsey 864.688.8282
Special Friends Angie Padgett 864.688.8231
Student Ministry (Grades 5-12) Jen Marinello 864.688.8239
Worship/Production Alena Jarreau 864.688.8396