Loving Our Enemies

Bryan Jones • May 19, 2024
In the Parable of the Good Samaritan, Jesus teaches us a powerful lesson about love. He encourages us not only to show love to those who are close to us but also to extend that love to everyone, even our enemies.

Prepare for Sunday


Perry Duggar | 5/26/2024

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Jesus at the Center of Our Story

Bryan Jones, J.C. Thompson and Perry Duggar

April 7, 2024  through  May 26, 2024

We examine Jesus' teaching through parables in this 8-week series and are reminded that Jesus is the central part of our story.

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Daily Devotionals

Satan opposes two things: prayer and spending time in the Bible. Why? Because it's our source of power. It allows us to recharge our faith, something we should do daily. Whether you're comfortable with prayer or you've never really prayed before, these devotionals will be catalytic in helping your faith grow and keeping Jesus at the center.