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Young Adults

Between the ages of 18–29, life is full of new opportunities and exciting big decisions. The crucial stages of life such as post-high school, dating, marriage, careers and starting a family often occur during this time and set the course for the rest of your life. The keys to making wise choices during this time include having a base of biblical life skills, taking opportunities to connect with others, and seeking guidance from those who have been in your shoes.

Get all the advice and instruction you can, so you will be wise the rest of your life.

Proverbs 19:20 (NLT)

Connecting Point

Come ready for worship, community and connection!

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Mentoring provides an opportunity to be heard, engage in conversation, and receive support and encouragement while navigating through life's challenges and big decisions. The ultimate goal is deepening and broadening Young Adults' walk with Jesus.

Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

Matthew 11:29 (NLT)

Mentoring FAQs

Mentors provide spiritual guidance, encouragement and opportunities to share and be heard.
Life's distractions often keep us from being intentional about our relationship with Jesus. The Mentor/Mentee Partnership creates an environment to dive deep into God's Word and work through life's struggles.
60-90 minutes at least twice per month.
Mentor/Mentees can meet at Brookwood Church or any public location comfortable for both the Mentor and Mentee. FaceTime is always an option if schedules are demanding or if a Young Adult is away at college for the time.
Jesus and You!
Mentor/Mentee Partnerships are for everyone. In Matthew 28:19 Jesus tells us to go and make disciples of all nations... Age is not a restriction. Everyone regardless of age can experience transformed life and grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus.
We encourage it! Young Adults are in the process of moving into adulthood. There's a lot to learn and lots of big decisions to make during this stage of life, so it's healthy to have cross-over. We also have Young Adults representatives serving on the Men's and Women's leadership teams to ensure that all Young Adults' interests are being represented and Young Adults are paired up with an appropriate, same gender, Mentor/Mentee.


Tori Messer - Brookwood Young Adult

It started my freshmen year of college. I got into a different crowd. This became my life until a couple of summers ago where it all really just hit me. I was depressed, filled with anxiety, and drained of life. I came to the realization it was time for a change which is when I found the Young Adults Small Group – Brookwood Connect. I finally felt like I began to know who I was, who I wanted to be.

Gina Gabrielle - Brookwood Young Adult

When I graduated from college I decided to make a change from the toxic life I was living and move across the country. Fast forward a year, here in Greenville I learned of a God who loves and wants a relationship with me. I joined a Small Group, and found Christians friends who took me in as family when I had none. Since I began my walk I'm slowly and all at once seeing transformation in all areas of my life. Through walking by faith I have learned to trust that God has a plan for me.

Elli Witt - Young Adults Small Group Leader

Hosting a Bible Study for college-age kids is changing my life in so many ways! These kids have such a heart for God and are hungry for all He has for them. What a gift it is to be a part of what God is doing in the next generation!