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Every man is designed to be a spiritual leader. Brookwood Men challenges, supports and celebrates each man in becoming that spiritual leader as exemplified by Jesus Christ.

Through discipleship, fellowship, and service, men can develop their walk in the ways of Jesus Christ.

Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works.

Hebrews 10:24 (NLT)

Connecting Point

Connecting Point provides men a monthly, open door environment to engage and build relationships while introducing them to Small Groups and Ministries.

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  • 6:30–7 pm: Food and Fellowship
  • 7–7:45 pm: Guest Speaker
  • 7:45–8:30 pm: Table Talk

I've met some very special and lasting friends - no, brothers through Connecting Point events.


God designed you for a life beyond what you can imagine. Mentoring helps men deepen their relationship with God, receive guidance and move forward with strength, courage and passion.

Mentoring FAQs

Mentoring provides an opportunity to walk alongside another man, listening, engaging in conversation, and offering support and encouragement while navigating through life’s challenges. The ultimate goal is deepening and broadening their walk with Jesus.
Mentors provide spiritual guidance, encouragement and opportunities to share and be heard.
Life's distractions often keep us from being intentional about our relationship with Jesus. The Mentor/Mentee Partnership creates an environment to dive deep into God's Word and work through life's struggles.
60-90 minutes at least twice per month.
Men can meet at Brookwood Church or any public location comfortable for both the mentor and mentee.
Jesus and You!

Mentoring Testimonials

Shawn Butler - Mentee

Mentoring has been life altering. Through scripture I was able to see who I am in God's eyes. I have been transformed through His Word and the companionship of my mentor who has shown me I can trust.

Tammy Butler

My husband came alive and began to lead as God designed. I've never been more attracted to him.

Ken Binder - Mentor

Why do I mentor? It's the example Jesus has given us.

In Matthew 4, Jesus calls out to the 12 disciples Come, follow Me...! After Jesus' time of mentoring them, He commands them to go and make disciples (Matthew 28). Mentoring is intentional disciple-making just as Jesus did. Every man should have another man, a season ahead of him, speaking into his life.

In Paul's second letter to Timothy he tells his mentee, teach these truths to other trustworthy people who will be able to pass them on to others. Without a plan to mentor the men of the church, too many men will just stay comfortably seated on the sidelines and miss out on spiritual growth.

Jay Wright - Mentee

I have my struggles and prayed, if only I had someone I could talk to on a regular basis who's been through the same challenges I've been through in life.

I have that person through Johnny Gibson. The Brookwood Men's Mentor Program has been a great blessing in my life. I'm thankful that the leaders of the Men's Ministry prayerfully and objectively chose who would be the best men to pair with me. Johnny and I have shared our joys, fears and goals for the future as we've gotten to know each other always with a Christ-centered focus being paramount for us both. Through conversations, Johnny has encouraged me to get involved in a ministry that is near and dear to my heart which has answered God's call in my life. I can depend on his prayers and advice as I hope he can depend on mine. I don't just have a mentor in Johnny but more importantly, I have a brother and friend.

Johnny Gibson - Mentor

Why do I mentor? It's the example Jesus has given us.

For me, mentoring creates an opportunity to share life experiences, family and individual goals alongside a Christian brother. The brothers have a Christ-centered relationship, which encourages the growth of trust, honesty and accountability.

I'm extremely fortunate to come along-side Jay Wright as he works toward his Christ-anointed ministry. At each meeting we challenge each other with the question What is God doing in my life? This allows each of us to become more aware of our blessings and growth in Christ.

Jason Warden - Mentee

I've been through some struggles in life and didn't always get the best advice on how to handle them. Being mentored has given me the opportunity to talk with another guy about what's going on in life and then work through it in a way that God would see fit. Being reminded to stay faithful and pray through all things really helps me out. Witnessing how God works in my mentor Lee's life, gives me encouragement to know God will work in my life too.