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Praying Together Through...

Praying Together Through...

Joshua J. Masters

March 20, 2022  through  April 10, 2022

Every significant revival has been preceded by a movement of prayer. The power and glory of God is only revealed through the church when we dedicate our lives to praying together through our division, disappointment, direction and distress into the purpose and mission He has for us.


March 20, 2022

Jesus prayed for the church to have unity, and as we learn to pray together through division into that unity, God reveals His protection and purpose for His church.



March 27, 2022

God will meet you in your disappointment and discouragement, but as we learn to cling to God’s plan rather than our own, the prayer-life and influence of the church grows.



April 3, 2022

Seeking God’s direction for the church or our individual lives requires a prayerful heart of worship and submission to His glory, will and power.



April 10, 2022

Revival comes when the people of God pray through suffering to reveal and live in the victory of Jesus Christ.