Financial Resources

EveryDollar App

EveryDollar is an app that makes it simple for you to build a budget and show your money who's boss. Using the zero-based budgeting method, EveryDollar has been helping budgeters create their monthly budgets since 2015.

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Debt Snowball Calculator

The "Debt Snowball Method" is a strategy for reducing debt where debts are paid off from smallest to largest. The Debt Snowball helps you see progress fast and will help keep you motivated to continue eradicating your debt.

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DIY Financial Plan Booklet

God does not want you to be anxious about money (see Philippians 4:6). This DIY Booklet will help you understand how to think about money, how to make a good budget, and how to overcome debt.


Expense Tracking Form

This simple form makes it easy to track your spending.

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Personal Finance Blog

Dave Ramsey's blog has all the tips and tricks you'll need for managing debt, budgeting, retirement, insurance, the housing market, taxes, and everything in between!

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Recommended Reading: The Total Money Makeover

Dave Ramsey's The Total Money Makeover is a New York Times bestseller with more than 5 million copies sold. This book will help you face your financial difficulties with confidence and hope for the future.

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Outside Resources

Brookwood Church recognizes that while we offer many ministry opportunities, we do not provide resources for every need. Other community organizations may provide services more suitable to your needs. We encourage you to contact them directly.

Emergency Shelters

Miracle Hill Ministries Shepherd's Gate (Women)864.268.5589

Greenville Rape Crisis and Child Abuse Center864.467.3633

The Salvation Army Shelter Ministries864.235.4803

United Ministries Housing Program864.469.5287

Food Pantries

Kingdom Life Church Food Pantry864.757.8172
9–11 am every first and third Saturday at 416 Holland Road, Simpsonville

Messiah Lutheran Church Food Pantry864.963.4549
8:45–11:45 am on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1100 Log Shoals Road, Mauldin


Center for Community Services864.967.2022
Greenville Free Medical Clinic, Job Search Assistance, Food/Medication/Utility Assistance

Greer Relief & Resources
Short-term Emergency Food/Medication/Rent/Utilities Assistance

United Ministries Administration and Crisis Assistance864.232.6463
Financial/Food/Medication Assistance and Homeless Services