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Trustee Recommendations

Brookwood Now Accepting Trustee Recommendations

The Brookwood Church Advisory Team is now accepting recommendations for two new trustees who will begin serving three one-year terms in January 2022 as members of the Advisory Team (as per Brookwood Church Bylaws).

How do I submit my recommendation for a new trustee?

  1. Review the Trustee Recommendations information below.
  2. Submit the Trustee Recommendation Form by Sunday, September 19.
  3. Trustee Recommendations will be reviewed by the Advisory Team in October.
  4. Trustee nominees will be presented to the church body for vote on Sunday, December 12.
  5. For questions, please contact Executive Assistant Lora Catoe by email or call 864.688.8242, or any member of the Advisory Team. Names and numbers are listed below.

The Advisory Team

Our current Advisory Team includes six pastors (Senior Pastor, Executive Pastor, Care Pastor, Family Pastor, Outreach Pastor and Worship Pastor), and seven trustees who are laypersons (non-pastors) who serve on the Advisory Team to provide direction and guidance to the church. Each year, two trustees rotate off the Advisory Team and two new trustees are selected from recommendations submitted by the church body.

Visit for more information about our current Trustees and the Brookwood Advisory Team.

Trustee Qualifications

Those recommended to the role of trustee must fulfill the spiritual qualifications of a deacon as described in 1 Timothy 3:8-13. Based on this passage, Brookwood Trustees should have the following attributes:

  • A follower of Jesus.
  • A growing relationship with God.
  • Serving and leading experience at Brookwood.
  • Healthy marriage and family relationships.
  • Reputation of integrity and ability to maintain confidentiality.
  • Abstains from alcohol, or drinks only in moderation.
  • Generous financial giver to Brookwood.

Other areas of practical experience are also desired, such as in the fields of law, communication, human resources, operations, finance, facilities construction and missions/evangelism.


Trustee recommendations will be reviewed by the Advisory Team and nominations presented to the congregation for confirmation by church vote on Sunday, December 12. If you have questions, please contact any of the Advisory Team members:



Trustee Responsibilities

In addition to the responsibilities mentioned in the Church bylaws below, trustees are expected to participate in the following:

  1. Quarterly meetings of the Advisory Team, as well as other requested meetings such as an annual overnight Prayer Retreat.
  2. Sunday morning prayer time.
  3. A Brookwood Service Team.
  4. A Brookwood Small Group.
  5. Community serving projects.

Excerpt from Church Bylaws, Article VI, regarding Advisory Team and Trustees


An Advisory Team will consist of the Senior Pastor, who serves as team leader, along with the Business Administrator (or Director of Operations), and the Trustees. Other pastors may be appointed to this team at the discretion of the Senior Pastor. The Advisory Team will have the following responsibilities:

  1. Implementing the strategy of the Church in light of its purpose, mission, values and vision,
  2. Review and approve the Church's annual budget prior to its submission to the Church membership for approval,
  3. Ongoing review and management of the Church's annual budget, and changing the principle executive officer or the principle business office of the Church in the state of South Carolina from one location to another.

The number of the team shall be no less than three (3) and no more than fifteen (15). The Advisory Team is appointed and supervised by the Senior Pastor. Written minutes of the proceedings of the Advisory Team shall be kept.


Trustees are laypersons who provide servant leadership in our Church. A Trustee must fulfill the responsibilities contained in the membership covenant and satisfy those qualifications for a deacon recorded at 1 Timothy 3:8-13. The Trustees shall have the following powers and duties:

  1. Provide financial counsel to the pastoral staff,
  2. Assist in the interview, selection and employment of pastoral staff,
  3. Determine the compensation of the Senior Pastor, and with the Senior Pastor, of the other ordained pastors of the Church,
  4. Serve the Church as official representatives of the Church in terms of business contracts and other legal matters. Trustees, under the direction of the Advisory Team or, if required, congregational approval, may borrow money or incur indebtedness on behalf of the Church and cause to be executed and delivered for the Church's purposes and in the Church's name, promissory notes and other debt and securities, and
  5. Conduct other duties and activities as requested by the Senior Pastor, pastoral staff or Advisory Team. The number of Trustees is determined annually by the Advisory Team, and is nominated to the church body annually by the Senior Pastor. They are elected by the members at the annual membership meeting and may only be removed from completing their term by a vote of the members.