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Grow My Faith

Join a Small Group

Small Groups are a great way to grow in faith and build meaningful relationships. At Brookwood, you'll find a variety of groups that meet different days and times during the week, and at different locations throughout the community. Many of our Small Groups study and discuss the main topic of Sunday's message using the weekly Discussion Guide. Others study a book of the Bible or topics relevant to life.

Why join a Small Group?

Grow your faith.
Small Groups provide a way of doing life together that tremendously assists spiritual growth.

Build relationships that matter.
Whether in times of crisis or celebration, Small Groups become family, providing support and encouragement.

Learn to walk with God.
Small Groups are a great place to study the Bible, ask difficult questions, and learn to apply God's Word to your everyday life.

Discover your purpose.
Small Groups provide a way of doing life together that tremendously assists spiritual growth.

Small Groups are Jesus' model.
Though He spoke to large crowds, He spent most of his time with 12 disciples, life-on-life, one day at a time.

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Learn the Essentials of Life

Recall a time when you wanted to pursue a relationship with someone special. You may have researched their likes and dislikes, listened intently when they spoke, and tried to be in their presence. Why was getting to know them important to the success of your relationship?

God's inviting you to know Him.
He's been pursuing a relationship with you for a long time beginning in the Garden of Eden. Whether you hardly know Jesus at all, or you’ve known Him your entire life, there's more. God is passionate about restoring an intimate relationship with you, where walking and talking with Him in the most natural thing you do.

Who should consider Essentials?
Essentials is for new and long-time believers who wish to deepen their relationship with God, get a jump-start on their daily faith practices, and for those who want to lead others at Brookwood. It's a 7-week, intensive discipleship program. There's so much more to say about the program, so come to an Essentials Interest/Information Meeting to learn more!

I Want More

Find your PLACE

Today more than any time in history, we're bombarded with multiple ways to give our time. You may find yourself asking, Why am I here? Where do I fit? and What can I do to make a difference in my life and the lives of others?

There's a saying that you find your life as you give it away... but first it helps to know what you have to give. If you find yourself exhausted after volunteering, chances are you're serving outside your gifts. The PLACE process helps you discover how God uniquely designed you, and it'll help you realize His purpose for your life. The PLACE team guides and connects you into ministry by using self-discovery tools and individual coaching.

Through the PLACE process, you’ll discover how God uniquely created and gifted you to serve others and where you can use your gifts to the fullest potential.

God created you for a purpose!

For we are God's workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

Ephesians 2:10
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