Lord's Supper


Join us in the Lord's Supper!

Sunday, March 24

We celebrate the Lord's Supper to remember Jesus' death and resurrection while we look forward to His return. Also because it's a privilege for believers – Jesus invites us to share this meal in remembrance of Him.

You can prepare this week to share the Lord's Supper in your home by gathering elements representing Christ's body and blood. The focus of your heart matters more than the elements you choose, so for some families, that's a bag of chips and a juice box. For others, it might mean bread or crackers and a beverage of your choice.

Join us onsite at 9 or 11 am or at brookwoodchurch.org/live at 11 am as Senior Pastor Bryan Jones guides us through the Lord's Supper.

Download the Lord's Supper Guide to facilitate this experience in your home.