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Join us each week to learn and grow with others using the Digging Deeper discussion guides and Group Videos. God designed us to do life together. It’s in community where we find belonging and experience transformation.

Week 1 | Proximity

In Matthew 6:9, Jesus teaches us to pray to God as our Father, showing us His PROXIMITY.

Week 2 | Praise

In Matthew 6:9, Jesus teaches us how to PRAISE our heavenly Father.

Week 3 | Priorities

In Matthew 6:10, Jesus teaches us the Kingdom of God is a present reality and future hope.

Week 4 | Provision

In Matthew 6:11, Jesus teaches us that we can trust God for our daily PROVISION.

Week 5 | Peace

In Matthew 6:12, Jesus teaches us how to find peace through forgiveness.

Week 6 | Protection

Jesus taught us to ask God to protect us from temptation to sin.

Week 7 | Guided Prayer

We've worked through each portion of the Lord's Prayer during the past 6 weeks of our series. Today, we put into practice what we've been taught.

Digging Deeper Guide
* There is no Group Video this week!