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Essentials is a 7-week, intensive discipleship program designed for any adult 18 and up who wants to develop a more personal relationship with God and find direction for their lives. This is one of our newer programs and is like nothing else we do at Brookwood. Whether you’re a new believer or a long-time follower of Christ, this experience is sure to take you deeper into the heart and life of God.

  • This meeting is required to participate in Essentials.
  • Attending this meeting does not obligate you to be part of the program. 

Here's what others are saying about Essentials... 

A fire has been reignited in my heart. Between having material to work through every day and the meaningful connection with other believers, it reminded me how wonderful it is to walk closely with God.

The journal is laid out so well. It really helped me build some God-centered habits into my daily routine.

The teaching and everything involved has really helped me get back on track in my relationship with God.

Each time I go through Essentials another layer of self is peeled away to reveal another place that God is waiting for me.

I absolutely loved the daily journal as it helped me study the Bible and get to know God on a more intimate level.

All three areas of the program are great and fed everyone in multiple ways. Love the small group time, but also the journal and main teaching in preparing for the following week! Using multiple avenues to connect with everyone, visual, auditory, song, movie clips, stickers, story, etc.! Excellent!

Register below for one of the following Interest Meetings:

  • Sunday, December 17 • 10:15–11 am
  • Monday, December 18 • 6:30–7:15 pm
  • Sunday, January 7 • 10:15–11 am
  • Tuesday, January 9 • 6:30–7:15 pm
  • Tuesday, January 16 • 6:30–7:15 pm

For more information contact [email protected].

Register Below:

Sunday, January 7
Registration is closed.

Tuesday, January 9
Registration is closed.

Tuesday, January 16
Registration is closed.

Sunday, December 17
Registration is closed.

Monday, December 18
Registration is closed.


Luisa Sizemore
[email protected]

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