Volunteer Requirements and Information

  • Volunteers from completed grade 4 and up may serve.
  • Volunteers who share their time the entire week, have the option to send their preschooler to Adventure Week.
  • A background check and Sexual Abuse Prevention Training will be required of all volunteers 18 years and older.
  • Early care will be available for volunteer's children each morning.

Training and Set-Up

  • All volunteer training will be conducted by the leader in your volunteer area. They will contact you with dates and times of training. *Childcare will NOT be available for these trainings.
  • All volunteers are encouraged to attend Adventure Week Set-Up:
    • Sunday, June 11, 1–3 pm.
    • Childcare will NOT be available.

T-shirt Pick-up

  • Volunteers' and Kids' T-shirts can be picked up in the Bridal Room near the Chapel on Sundays, May 21, June 4 and 11 between 8:30 am–12:30 pm.

Volunteer Opportunities Include:

  • Elementary or Preschool Recreation Team: Participate in and help kids in daily outdoor games.
  • Elementary or Preschool Tribe Leader: Lead the same small group of kids from activity to activity throughout the week. Also build relationships and participate in the activities. 
  • Elementary Missions (Bible Spotlight) Team: Share with the kids about Brookwood Church missionaries, international and domestic. 
  • Elementary Small Group Team: Help organize created materials and distribute them to the small groups. Assist small groups in completing the materials. 
  • Elementary Invention Station Team: Participate in and help kids create an invention.
  • Elementary Myth Busters Team: Share myths with the kids and demonstrate how they are busted.
  • Preschool Make It Fun Team: Participate in and help kids do activities designed to help understand and remember Bible stories and Bottom Line for the day.
  • Preschool Craft Team: Assist the kids in doing crafts that tie into the week's lessons.