Recycling for the Community

Bring Your Sorted Recyclables to Church!

Brookwood Church in partnership with Greenville County is pleased to provide free, community recycling. For those of you paying for recycling pickup, try it out and save some money. For those who recycle or maybe haven't tried recycling yet, this process is simple and convenient. Look for the big, blue community recycling station in the west parking lot as you exit toward Brookwood Point Place. To locate the recycling station click here.

Please note as of March 1, 2016, Greenville county can no longer accept glass.
For details
click here.

The Greener Side of Brookwood - Why Recycle?

…God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work and take care of it.
Genesis 2:15

We feel we should respect the creation that God has given us by reusing anything we can and recycling other items so they can be included in the manufacture of other products. Let's get together. When we all participate in recycling, we can contribute to a beautiful Golden Strip area for future generations.

We hope you'll take advantage of this resource and help us maintain the area surrounding the station. As long as we team up and keep the area tidy, we'll be able to continue providing free community recycling.

RECYCLING Guidelines

  • Rinse items to avoid attracting ants, bees and other undesirable critters in your home, office and in the church recycle station. 
  • Place all of your recycled items inside the recycle stations.

The following are items that can be recycled:
  • Plastics 1–7. You can typically find the recycle number on the bottom of plastic items indicating the ingredients of the plastic.
    • Click here for more information on recycled plastics and the new products they become.
  • Caps to plastic bottles.
  • Soda cans.
  • Steel cans and lids (tuna, green beans, etc.).
  • Aluminum (foil, pie plates, etc.).
  • Paper such as:
    • Newspaper, magazines, junk mail.
    • Shredded, office and construction paper.
    • Phone books.
    • Empty pizza boxes.
    • Cardboard rolls (like paper towel rolls).
    • Corrugated card board.
    • Cereal boxes and most anything else from your cupboard or pantry.

Only a few grocery items CAN'T be recycled and they are:
  • Glass
  • Frozen food boxes–the waxy coating will melt and clog the paper mill.  We want to be kind to our vendor's equipment since they are giving us this station at no charge.
  • Plastic grocery bags–please return these to your grocer.  Most grocery stores have a bag return bin located in front of the store.
  • Plastic trash bags.

You can make a difference. It's easy when you start simple. Begin by designating a paper bag for each type of  recyclables in a corner of your kitchen or office.
  • Drop rinsed, recyclable items in the paper bag.
  • Put the paper bag in your car on Sunday.
  • Drop it off as you leave church.
  • See the list of items above that are acceptable.


note for Saturday Recyclers entering from Balcome Blvd.

The entrances to the church on Balcome Road are closed on Saturday. People coming down Balcome Blvd. can pass the church entrances and turn left onto Apple Blossom and then turn left on Brookwood Point Place. Drive around the building to get to the community recycling station.

Did you know?

Brookwood Church
recycles over half
a ton of paper and 
cardboard each month.

All unused/returned
Sunday Programs
are recycled.

Click here to locate the
community recycling station.