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Finding Rest
August 11, 2020
Peace and rest are about the last thing most people seem to be feeling these days. If that’s you, you’re not alone. This article might help you experience life in the midst of our crazy world.
Mark Taylor | Adult Discipleship Pastor
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Finding Strength in God
June 8, 2020
Feeling tired, weary or overwhelmed? Be reminded of where our strength comes from by looking at the examples of those before us.
Logan Sizemore | Discipleship Intern
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Fear or Anxiety
May 1, 2020
Fear or anxiety got you down? Spend a few minutes with Joshua from the Old Testament and discover some solutions that worked for him. Timeless truths!
Karen McGuire | Small Groups and Resources Coordinator
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Marriage in Quarantine
March 27, 2020
Being married is hard, but the challenges are uniquely designed to help us grow in Christ.
Doug Wildman | Counseling and Marriage Pastor
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How can we serve others in a time of crisis?
March 27, 2020
In a time of crisis, how do we serve one another and not just think about ourselves. Today we look at Acts 4:32-34 and how the early church worked together to meet one another's needs.
Mike Hepola | Outreach Pastor
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A Prayer for Overcoming Anxiety and Fear
March 18, 2020
A biblically-based prayer to refocus our anxiety and surrender our fear to God.
Joshua J. Masters | Associate Care Pastor
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