Phase One: North Walkway Accessible

North Legacy Plaza Entrance • Balcome Blvd/Bethel Elementary Side

The new walkway is accessible.

We'll post an update for the south entrance renovation once plans have been confirmed. 

Answers to some FAQs:

Where will my legacy brick be placed?

North side engraved bricks have been placed in the north courtyard to the right of the main entrance. We've make every effort to keep family and grouped bricks together. Renovation of this area is not totally complete. If you have a brick(s), you'll be notified of your brick's new location once we have it recorded. If you’re adventurous and would like to look for your brick(s), the North Legacy Courtyard will be open Sunday, November 19

South side engraved bricks will be placed in the south courtyard to the left of the main entrance once that project timeline has been confirmed. 

More Information and Updates

Please revisit this page for future updates on the progress of the entrance renovations. If you have questions about the renovation please contact Lora Catoe at 864.688.8242 or [email protected].