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Celebrate Recovery

To ensure everyone's safety and care for those who are susceptible to the coronavirus, we'll take the following precautions. Please review these guidelines before attending.

Pre-Service Safety and Changes

  • Staff and all volunteers are required to wear masks, while we ask participants to wear masks as a sign of their care for others.
  • Family worship takes place in the Auditorium so we can maintain social distancing. Adults will remain in the Auditorium for their lesson, while Landing Students move the Chapel for their lesson.
  • For the time being, there is no Celebrate Recovery dinner, handouts or printed materials.
  • For the time being, childcare isn't available.
  • We'll only use the north entrance (by the Administration Building) to access the building.
    • Enter through the propped open doors 6– 6:45 pm (for no-touch entry).
    • There's no registration, but participants must check-in upon arrival. Confidentiality is important, and your identity will be kept private.
      • To increase the speed of your check-in process, if you're NOT already on the CR Mailing List, please complete the form at Please indicate in the comments that you'd like to be added to the CR Private Group.
  • Entrance into the Auditorium via the north tunnel only.
  • Trained CR Volunteers will seat parties who arrive together in the center floor section using the same social distancing system used on Sundays. We'll expand to other parts of the Auditorium only when the center section is full.
    • Students are seated in the rear of the front section for easy dismissal to the Chapel after worship.
    • Chapel seating has 20 chairs spaced 6 feet apart (following the model of Crave, High School Ministry).


  • After worship, students leave for their lesson in the Chapel.
  • Chip Celebration - Rather than handing out chips, a no-touch chip ceremony will have sanitized chips laid out individually on a table in front of the stage for people to pick up when their number is called.
    • For those celebrating a special milestone of one year or more, please tell Jody Gibson beforehand so we can honor you during the celebration.
  • Open Share Groups will commence in the same room after the main lesson.
    • Men and Women are separated on opposite ends of the Auditorium.
    • Landing students are separated by boys and girls in the Chapel, using a classroom for one group if the number is small enough for social distancing.


  • Participants are dismissed on the north side.
    • Participants with students in the Landing can exit through the north tunnel to meet their children at the check-in stations and exit.
    • Other participants can exit out the north side doors like Sunday mornings.
  • For the time being, there will be no Cross Talk Café or other post-service gatherings.

These guidelines may seem inconvenient. However, we're incredibly excited to be together and encourage one another.