our vision is for all kids to know jesus and to be known personally

Our prayer for your child is that they experience the love of believers and begin developing a personal relationship with Jesus.


We want all kids to...

Know they are unique and loved • Feel they have a place to belong • Lead a joy-filled life

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Parent/Child Dedication
We look forward to partnering with you in your spiritual journey as a family... (learn more)
One of the most exciting and beautiful ways we do this is through our Parent/Child Dedication. As parents, you set the foundation for your child’s spiritual journey by how you live your lives.

The Parent/Child Dedication Class gives you practical tools to guide you along in your family’s spiritual journey. Our passion is to equip you to raise your kids for God. That’s a big job and we’re here to help.

After taking the class, families celebrate their commitment in the Parent/Child Dedication Ceremony! During the ceremony our family pastor encourages and challenges parents, dedication sponsors and families to become living examples of faith for their children to follow. Each family also has the opportunity to share the life verse and dedication letter they have written for their child. A light reception follows the ceremony to celebrate this exciting day with your family and friends. For more information please contact us .

Our goal with BrookwoodKiDs is to know your kids and for your kids to know Jesus... (learn more)
Parents are the biggest influence in the lives of their children, so laying a strong spiritual foundation in the lives of your kids demonstrates an amazing example of faith.

If your child is interested in being baptized, we strongly encourage you to attend our Baptism Class for Parents. This class helps parents understand the importance of faith, equips parents to communicate important truths with their children and covers the basic beliefs of baptism and the steps necessary to be baptized. We look forward to sharing this exciting step along your family’s spiritual journey. For more information, click here.

Volunteer Opportunities
BrookwoodKiDs has a variety of opportunities for adults and students grades 3–12 to volunteer in a fun, fast-paced environment... (learn more)
Whether you want to be a small group leader, welcoming families, assisting in classrooms, or mentoring a child in a local elementary school, we have a place for you. You can love God and love people by showing kids how much Jesus loves them. For more information click here.