Medication Authorization Form

Click here to view or print the Medication Authorization form required for your child to attend Adventure Week.


Birth–completed K4
9–9:40 am:   Opening Large Group
9:45–10:10 am:   Site or Recreation
10:20–10:45 am:   Site or Recreation
10:55–11:20 am:   Small Group Time
11:30 am–noon:   Closing Large Group
 Elementary (completed–K5 grade 3)
9–9:40 am:   Opening Large Group
9:40–10:05 am:   Craft/Recreation/Make it Fun
10:15–10:40 am:   Craft/Recreation/Make it Fun
10:45–11:00 am:   Free Time/Snack Time
11:05–11:30 pm:   Craft/Recreation/Make it Fun
11:40 am–noon:   Make it Stick


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This year our kids will be supporting Triune Mercy Center, one of the local Brookwood Community partners. Our support will be shown in two different ways:

Monetary Donations
We'll be collecting money during the week to benefit the Triune Mercy Center and their programs, which include feeding the homeless, classes and other services for those that they serve.

Ready Made Bags for Those in Need
Our kids will be assembling bags of food items and supplies to be available at Triune Mercy Center for those in need. These will be prepared in gallon zip bags, so they can be handed out quickly.