Adventure Week Parents

Medication Authorization Form

Click here to view or print the Medication Authorization form that is required for your child to attend Adventure Week.


Preschool (Birth–completed K4)

9:00-9:40 am
  Opening Large Group
9:45-10:10 am
  Site or Recreation
10:25-10:50 am
  Site or Recreation
11:05-11:30 am
  Small Group Time
11:40-12:00 pm
  Closing Large Group

elementary (completed–K5 grade 3)
9:05-9:30 am
  Opening Large Group
9:40-10:05 am
  Craft/Recreation/Make it Fun
10:15-10:40 am
  Craft/Recreation/Make it Fun
10:45-11:00 am   Free Time/Snack Time
11:05-11:30 pm   Craft/Recreation/Make it Fun
11:40-12:00    Make it Stick





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