Be a Better You

BrookwoodU is a holistic approach to your growth as a person. At Brookwood Church we believe the Bible challenges us to be well-rounded in our growth and focus on more than one or two aspects of life. 

Scripture records that Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man (Luke 2:52, NIV). In this one short verse, we see Jesus' development emotionally, physically, spiritually and relationally. God clearly cares about our whole selves , not just one dimension of our being.


BrookwoodU brings a unique approach to growth as a believer through:

  • Personal Enrichment.
  • Spiritual Growth.
  • Leadership Development. 

BrookwoodU is pulled together for the upstate community by a team including professors, professionals, hobbyists, handymen, theologians and leaders who are Brookwood Church.

Personal Enrichment
With a focus on the relational, physical, emotional and financial dimensions of life, Personal Enrichment offerings are classes that include fitness and exercise, marriage and parenting, budgeting and investing, aging issues and even "how to" courses. Many classes kick off with an introductory seminar that can lead to a longer course. These classes are perfect to take with a friend or as a place to meet new friends.

Spiritual Growth
Whether you're a mature believer who is ready to dig in or a new believer who has never opened a Bible, these classes will equip you in your spiritual journey. Spiritual Growth classes focus on understanding and applying God's Word by offering courses from Bible Basics to Hermeneutics to New Testament Greek.

Whether you feel more comfortable starting in the "shallow end" or diving into the "deep end," Spiritual Growth  offerings include stand-alone courses at all levels of growth.

Leadership Development
Everything rises and falls on leadership, according to Dr. John C. Maxwell author, speaker and pastor. Successful families, businesses, communities and ministries have one thing in common, sound leadership. Whether you plan to lead your little ones or hundreds of volunteers, Leadership Development will help you grow your leadership gift and become more effective in influencing others.

Courses will include communication and conflict resolution, leadership tools and even pastoral training classes.

For more information on enrolling or teaching at BrookwoodU, please email  or call 864.688.8242. Click here to download the BrookwoodU Instructor Packet.