Ministry Spotlight

The Ministry Spotlight in the Concourse highlights a different Brookwood ministry or activity each Sunday. In addition to giving you some background about the ministry on the website, Ministry Spotlight provides you with an opportunity to personally meet and talk with people who are actively involved the ministry being featured this Sunday.

Featured This Week - Brookwood India Project Update


Brookwood has partnered with Pastor Praveen since 2011 to rescue thousands of children from slavery, and care for hundreds more abandoned children. See how God is using your generosity to support this mission.

LEADERSHIP: Praveen leads the Sylom Pastors League of 2,012 pastors in Andhra Pradesh, India. Praveen leads pastors who reach out to villages where there is no church.

The people of these villages are called Dalits and have been taught they are impure, worthless, “untouchable” and treated as outcasts. The gospel of Christ teaches them that they are of infinite value, accepted, and touchable.


RESCUED CHILDREN: Brookwood is partnering with Set Free Alliance to provide funds to help care for 1,279 rescued children. This includes spiritual nurture, housing, food, clothing, medical care, education and vocational training. Approximately 800 of the children live in 7 leased houses and 500 live in 23 church buildings.

SUCCESS STORY: 50 older girls and 30 older boys have graduated from the program and now have jobs. The girls learned to sew in vocational training and the boys learned wood working. These graduates are giving nearly $4,000.00 a month back to the ministry to help care for the children.

FINANCIAL SUPPORT: $80,000.00 is needed monthly to meet the basic necessities of the nearly 1,300 children. The Brookwood Ministry Plan supplies $30,000, Set Free Alliance sends $35,000, and approximately $10,000 comes from other sources. There is a great need for additional funds.


THE CAMPUS: The Brookwood Ministry Plan includes funds to build a campus to house 800 children and staff on six acres purchased in 2013. Brookwood is developing plans with a trusted Christian contractor in India to begin Phase 1 of construction this year. The campus will dramatically increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the ministry.
Pastor Praveen is leading the Sylom Pastors League as they make disciples and start churches. Brookwood has provided a van, fuel, video equipment, Bibles, bicycles and other support.

• Pastors and churches: 2,012
• Baptism of new believers: 89,670
• New churches started: 116
• Pastors died in persecution: 4
• Village crusades: 678
Jesus Film presentations: 1296
• Churches that can provide for pastors: 431

PRAY: Pray for the work with the children and for pastors who face violent persecution.

GIVE: Your faithful, regular offerings to the Brookwood Ministry Plan support all church ministries and missions including India. If you would like to give specifically to the India Project visit For more information email Fenton Moorhead, Missions Pastor.

SPONSOR: Assist with monthly expenses by sponsoring a child through Set Free Alliance. Every cent of sponsor funds received supports all the children. Of the 1,279 children, 570 have sponsors. Visit to sponsor a child or visit the kiosk in the Concourse this weekend.

If you have additional questions about our India Project or would like additional information on how you can get involved, please visit the Ministry Spotlight this Easter, Saturday April 19 at the 5 pm service or Sunday April 20 at 9 and 11 am. You can also reach our Missions Department at 864.688.8313 or by email