Disaster Relief

Support Flood Victims of Hurricane Matthew

Updated October 10, 4:07 pm: Hurricane Matthew has caused much devastation in the Caribbean and the southeastern coast. Local emergency agencies have informed us they have all the evacuation sites and supplies needed at this time. However, you may donate supplies locally to Harvest Hope Food Bank during office hours at 2818 White Horse Road to help them provide for evacuees throughout South Carolina. Click here for a list of needed items.

While you may not be able to travel to the affected areas, every church member can pray and Send Relief by giving now to the North American Mission Board (NAMB). One hundred percent (100%) of your donation will go to providing food, water, cleanup supplies and more for hurricane survivors in America and the Caribbean. Prayerfully give to support Disaster Relief efforts and the volunteer teams on the ground.

Offering Hands-On Support

Help a team on the coast

If you or someone you know is available  to travel to the South Carolina coast in the coming weeks to help with disaster relief, please contact Lenny Miller by email or call 864.688.8266..

Updated October 12: Disaster Relief Teams will be departing from Brookwood in two weeks to help flood victims in Johnsonville SC near the South Carolina coast. Additional flooding north of Johnsonville in the has caused flood waters to remain, so Mud-Out work has been delayed. The Johnsonville community was flooded last year and now many of the same homes have been flooded again.

Who Should Sign Up:  Disaster Relief trips are physically demanding, yet anyone who is Certified in Disaster Relief, in good health, with no mobility limitations should be able to participate. A cooperative spirit and good attitude is a must to be part of the team.

Tentatively we have a trip planned for October 23 - Contact Lenny Miller to participate.

Become a Certified Disaster Relief Volunteer

When a disaster strikes like a tornado, hurricane, flood or other calamity, certified volunteers are called to help. If you are interested in becoming a Certified Disaster Relief Volunteer, please click here to be added to our interest list. We'll keep you updated with training dates and locations.

if you have any questions about certification or providing assistance, please contact Lenny Miller by email or call 864.688.8266.