BrookwoodKiDs | Grades 2–4

our vision is for all kids to know jesus and to be known personally

Children in Grades 2–4

Our prayer for your elementary child is that they experience the fusion of believers and begin developing a personal relationship with Jesus.

Welcome to Fusion! Kids in grades 2–4 experience exciting worship and small group time as they begin to fuse into a community of believers. Through exciting curriculum your child will begin learning four basic truths at his/her age level through singing, story time, and small group activities.  These truths are:
  1. God always keeps his promises.
  2. God loves me no matter what.
  3. God wants the best for me.
  4. God's in control.
Your child can engage in singing and dancing in a large group setting and learn about God through amazing, exciting Bible stories each Sunday. In Small Group they'll begin to build relationships with their peers and Small Group Leaders.

If you’re new to Fusion, we invite you to request a tour and get to know us. We're also happy to answer any questions you have.


Our goal with BrookwoodKiDs is to know your kids and for your kids to know Jesus. Parents are the biggest influence in the lives of their children, so laying a strong spiritual foundation in the lives of your kids demonstrates an amazing example of faith.

If your child is interested in being baptized, we strongly encourage you to attend our “Getting Real with Your Kids About God” class. This class helps parents understand the importance of faith, equips parents to communicate important truths with their children and covers the basic beliefs of baptism and the steps necessary to be baptized.

BrookwooKiDs looks forward to sharing this exciting step along your family’s spiritual journey.

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Worship Music

We want your kids to know that worshiping God is a great experience that grows us closer to Him! The songs we use on Sunday mornings are fun, positive and reinforce God's love in your child's life. Here is a list of some of the songs we sing in case you want to play them at home or in the car!

 Song Name artist 


Hillsong Young & Free


Hillsong Young & Free

Tell the World

North Point Kids

Jesus is Alive Right Now

Kids on the Move

Deep Cries Out

Bethel Live

Jesus, What a Friend (Remix)

Kids on the Move

Volunteer Opportunities

BrookwoodKiDs has a variety of opportunities for adults and students grades 3 - 12 to volunteer in a fun, fast-paced environment. Whether you want to be a small group leader, welcoming families, assisting in classrooms, or mentoring a child in a local elementary school, we have a place for you. You can love God and love people by showing kids how much Jesus loves them.

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