Lay Counseling

The Church Counseling Ministry provides Christian counseling to individuals who are in need of behavioral, cognitive, emotional and relational help. This ministry uses non-professional ministers to provide care to those seeking help with the struggles of life. Counselors have completed a Church Counseling training course designed to equip people to serve God in this area.

We see God as the source of all healing. It’s our belief that God has equipped His church to care for the needs of His children. We, as church counselors, desire to serve only as God’s vessel of His love, grace and mercy.

For more information or to request a counseling appointment please contact Care Ministries at 864.688.8355.

Sunday Care Connections

When you find yourself desiring a deeper walk with Christ or wanting guidance with handling life’s struggles, stop by the Care Connection Room in the Concourse on Sunday morning. Someone will be there to assist you in your journey.

How Can We Help?

For more information, please contact Care Ministries at 864.688.8355.