Food Ministry

You Can't Think About Much Else When You're Hungry

Not everyone has had to choose between paying bills and buying groceries. Yet, these kinds of circumstances are all around us, leading many families to live with worry, hopelessness and despair. The Brookwood Food ministry exists to help families and individuals in our church and community who have to face this situation day in and day out. We offer more than just groceries. We also offer the hope and encouragement that allows families and individuals to focus on the other important aspects of life like the job that is desperately needed, that night class that moves them closer to better opportunities or that small group that connects with the body of Christ.

Join us in the Food Ministry, where we see the smiles of relief and tears of gratitude from people who have benefited from the generosity of others. The ministry provides food to

•    People who don’t know God.
•    Single-parent homes.
•    Families who attend Brookwood and others who don’t.
•    Individuals struggling with addiction.

How Can You HelP?
Food Ministry volunteers shop locally to find the best prices on needed items. Food packages are assembled and distributed to families once a month.
  1. Donate food. Please click here to view the accepted food list. Donations are accepted on Sunday mornings in the Food Ministry Drop-off box in the kitchen window in the Concourse.
  2. Reach Out. We encourage you to personally deliver a food donation to the family you choose to help. However, if you prefer, recipients can pick up their food packages during the designated distribution time.

To request the name of a family to receive a food donation click here. You'll be asked to supply your contact information along with the

  • Recipient's name
  • Phone number we can call with a food donation pickup reminder.

Registration is open through the Sunday prior to distribution. Distribution dates are the following through 2014.

• Apr 11  
• Jul 18
• Oct 17
• May 16

• Aug 15  
• Nov 21

• Jun 20
• Sep 19
• Dec 19

Since donations are limited, sign up early in the month to be placed on the food donation list. Our volunteer team will follow up with registrants the day before distribution to confirm if we are able to meet your request. For additional information, email or call 864.688.8291.

The Sharing Garden 

If you enjoy gardening consider joining our network of volunteers who grow and donate produce from their own gardens and maintain the garden here at Brookwood. Fresh produce is given to families in our church and community.  It's also used to supplement food packages given through the Brookwood Food Ministry.

If you would like more information about the Sharing Garden Ministry email or call 864.688.8318.

A generous man will himself be blessed, for he shares his food with the poor.
Proverbs 22:9 (NIV)