Why Login?


Have you ever completed a response card, made a contribution or registered for an event or class? If the answer is yes, then you’re part of the Brookwood database. We use the information in the database to keep in touch with members and attendees, as well as track participation in the life of the church.

Logging in to the Brookwood website provides a secure, web-based portal that allows you to connect with our database from any computer with internet access. If you’d like to manage your profile information and participation at Brookwood, we encourage you to create an account on myBrookwood.

Please note: The information in our database is not shared with outside organizations.


Once logged in, myBrookwood has many user-friendly features, which allow you to:

  • Enter prayer requests*.
  • Set up and track your contributions.
  • Register and pay for events and classes.
  • Manage and update your personal profile.
  • Manage and communicate with groups that you lead.

Real examples:

If you get a new phone number or email address, you can log in and update your information. If you want to sign up for an event or class, you can search for the event and register yourself, your family and friends using your myBrookwood login.

*Submitting a prayer requests doesn't require a login, however for your convenience we have added this functionality to the myBrookwood landing page.

How To

Register for an Account [show]

Please note: If you already have an account, you do not need to create a new account. Please use your current account to log in. If you have questions, please contact us at [email protected].
  1. Open your browser window and type www.brookwoodchurch.org into the address bar. Scroll to the bottom of the home page and click the Create a New Account link.
  2. Fill out all required fields.
  3. Click the Save and Submit button.
  4. If you have any questions or need help, email [email protected].

Log In [show]
  1. Open your browser window and type www.brookwoodchurch.orginto the address bar. Scroll to the bottom of your screen.
  2. Type in your username and password.
  3. Click the Sign In button.

Log Out [show]

To log out completely, view the link at the bottom right of the page which reads You are currently logged in as... Click Logout. If another person uses the same computer, they will not be able to access your myBrookwood account.

myBrookwood Landing Page

What Can I Do Here? [show]

After logging into myBrookwood the first page you will see is your myBrookwood landing page.

You can:

  • View your profile and update your information.
  • View your activities and sign up for an event or class.
  • View your small group and volunteer information.
  • Find a small group or volunteer opportunity.
  • View your contributions and details.
  • Manage your group if you are a small or large group leader.
  • Send us your prayer requests.
  • Contact us.


Update My Profile [show]

Your profile lists the most current information in our database. If your information is out of date, please click on a field and modify your data. When sharing your cell phone number with us, please indicate if you would like to receive text messages by selecting the SMS option and choosing your carrier. When you are done, press the SUBMIT button. Your new information is now in our database.

Why do we ask for your date of birth? Since Brookwood is such a large church, we often have people with the same name. This helps us identify adult William Worley from little Billy Worley III. It is also used to target information to the proper family members. While William may receive an invitation to a men's event, little Billy may receive an invitation to BrookwoodKiDs Summer Adventure Week.

Submit Prayer Requests [show]

Prayer is instrumental in our relationship with God. Please allow us to pray for you. Enter your information and prayer request and click the SUBMIT button. Your prayer request will go to the Prayer Room and/or the Care Ministry staff depending upon your selection.

My Activities [show]

View a list of all activities you are currently registered to attend. All events, classes and support groups that are open for registration can be viewed on the website. To register simply click the appropriate link to find an activity that interests you. Click Register for this Event and press START. If the registration requires a fee, you can use ACH Online Checking, Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express as forms of payment.

Contributions [show]

myBrookwood online giving allows you to:
  • View a summary of your giving.
  • View the Details of your giving.

If you'd like to give, choose the Give option from the menu bar.  From here you can

  • Set up and manage recurring gifts.
  • Use your credit or debit card to give.
  • Draft from your checking account to give.
  • View your giving history online.
  • Give to Brookwood anytime from anywhere.

Recurring Gift/One-time Gift

  1. Validate your profile information.
  2. You’ll next be prompted choose a fund(s) and enter an amount.
  3. Now you may choose your method of payment.
  4. Confirm the transaction and submit your gift.
  5. Look for the confirmation number for the transaction. Without this, your transaction may not have gone through.
  6. You will also receive a confirmation email, with the details of your contribution in your email inbox.

Your donation will be displayed in your contribution record.

For assistance with online giving, contact our Financial Services Department at 864.688.8229 or [email protected].

My Volunteer Teams and My Small Group [show]

View the volunteer teams and Small Group in which you currently participate. If you'd like more involvement, search for a Small Group or volunteer opportunity based on criteria that's important to you. If you enter search criteria that is too specific, your search may not display any results, so reduce the amount of your search criteria and try again.

Leaders - Manage Your Volunteer Team and Small Group [show]

The Group Leader Toolbox provides several features that allow Group Leaders the ability to communicate, manage and promote their groups, all from one location. It also provides access to view or print rosters, email group members, and add participants or mark them inactive.

Log In and choose the Manage My Option that Applies

Groups that you lead will display on the left. Icons on the lower right of the screen allow you to:
  • Send email to your group.
  • Export your roster data to Microsoft Excel.

Manage Your Group Members
Filter your roster by choosing the roles you’d like to display, and press the Apply Filter button. You can also:

  • Add new group members.
  • Edit the group members’ roles and active states.
  • Update group members’ contact information.
  • Mark a group member inactive.

Describe Your Group

Small Group leaders can enter descriptive information about their group, which becomes available in the Small Group Locator. The Small Group Locator is used by church attendees who are seeking to connect in a Small Group. By choosing criteria important to them, the locator narrows down the Small Group choices that meets their needs and allows them to send the leader a request to join the group. Please be selective and brief when entering this information.


Contact Us [show]

If you have a question, concern, suggestion or compliment please let us know.  By using this Contact Us option, your request is tracked in our database allowing us to follow the progress of your request through completion.