The Brookwood Story

Perry Duggar arrived in Greenville County in May 1993, accompanied by his wife, Leigh Ann, and two young daughters, Evan and Aubrey. His purpose was to plant a new church in the Mauldin / Simpsonville area of Greenville County. It would be designed to reach people who either had never attended church or had given up going to church. The church planting effort was funded by the First Baptist Church of Mauldin, the South Carolina Baptist Convention, Earle Street Baptist Church (Greenville), the Greenville Baptist Association. It was also funded by Sugar Creek Baptist Church (Sugar Land, Texas), where Perry had served as Associate Pastor. The new church would use contemporary music and practical biblical preaching, and invite others to “come as you are.”
In the summer of 1993, Perry began forming a core group of people to lead the new church. This group first met on July 6 in the fellowship hall of the First Baptist Church of Mauldin. Soon after, the first worship service was held in the auditorium at Mauldin High School with an attendance of 75 people, including children. By October 1993, the church moved to the Ray W. Hopkins Senior Center in Mauldin, where it remained for the next four years. In 1997, the church moved into a more expansive facility on Highway 14 near Batesville Road. The first service at this location was attended by more than 2,400 people.
Brookwood continued to meet in the facility on Highway 14 for 7 years. Continued growth led to four services being held each week. The need for additional worship and educational space, and improved traffic flow eventually required yet another move. A new site was chosen along I-385 which provided a central location with easy access and generous space for growth. The Highway 14 facility was sold to Southside Fellowship, but Brookwood Church continued to meet there until the new building was completed. On October 16, 2004 the first service at 580 Brookwood Point Place was held, with attendance of nearly 5,000. By Easter Sunday of 2009, attendance reached an all-time high of 10,322 for the 4 holiday services. In the Outreach Magazine 2009 Special Edition, Top 100 churches in America, Brookwood Church was named the 78th largest church in the country.
In September 2008, a new facility—the South Campus building—was built to accommodate the growing student and recreation ministries. This facility also provides additional space for other ministry meetings, events and activities. In February 2009, the church staff moved into its newly built administrative building, to make room for the expansion of the children’s ministry and the Brookwood Preschool Academy.
As we continue the Brookwood journey, we remain true to accepting people as who they are and helping them to become who God wants them to be.