Giving Options

/_Brookwood/Content/Images/_Web/Page_Give/new-giving-setuprecurringgifts.jpg Set up automatic recurring gifts to support the Ministry Plan. You can chose the start date, frequency and amount. You can stop this automatic gift at any time.
/_Brookwood/Content/Images/_Web/Page_Give/new-giving-onetimegift.jpg Make a one-time gift of any amount effective today to support the Ministry Plan.
/_Brookwood/Content/Images/_Web/Page_Give/giving-donatetomissiontrip.jpg Make a one-time donation of any amount to support a mission team volunteer or needed trip materials.
/_Brookwood/Content/Images/_Web/Page_Give/giving-giveusingpaypal.jpg If you want to make contributions to Brookwood using PayPal this is the place to do it.

Have you ever considered donating stock?  Click here to learn more about this method of sharing.
Giving Tools

Edit or delete your existing recurring gifts.
Choose View Gifts if you want to see contributions you’ve made to Brookwood via any method.

For Your Information

/_Brookwood/Content/Images/_Web/Page_Give/giving-auditedfinancials.jpg Download or view the Fiscal Year 2012, 2013 or 2014 audited financial statement.

/_Brookwood/Content/Images/_Web/Page_Give/Giving-ytdfinancialupdate.jpg View the year-to-date Ministry Plan, support received and expenditures.

/_Brookwood/Content/Images/_Web/Page_Give/giving-myfinancialtoolbox.jpg Tools to help you be a good steward of the resources God has entrusted to you.

/_Brookwood/Content/Images/_Web/Page_Give/giving-faq.jpg Answers to the most frequently asked questions are here.

/_Brookwood/Content/Images/_Web/Page_Give/giving-ihaveaquestion.jpg If the FAQs did not answer your questions, you can write your own. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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